Meet Team Stella

Jessica Pennington

Owner + Floral designer +Planner

Hi, I’m Jessica! I’m a lover of all things sparkly, a huge fan of cherry almond cupcakes and ORGANIZED to a fault. I love to laugh and I’m obsessed with weddings. But more importantly, I’m obsessed with helping couples create a unique, one of a kind wedding, while also helping them to keep their sanity (and actually enjoy their engagement!) I’m a born people-pleaser and I love the thrill of finding someone the perfect linen, putting together a flawless timeline, or helping someone track down the perfect detail to complete their day.

My favorite part of the wedding day is the end of the night when we get to hug the bride & groom—I love seeing countless hours of planning turn into a successful, seamless event! I tear up during ceremonies, I’m a sucker for a good first dance song, and above all, I absolutely LOVE what I do! I have a degree in public relations and have had my hand in planning events since 2002. Since opening Stella Event Design in 2007, we’ve helped over 300 amazing couples plan weddings along the lake shore! When I’m not elbow-deep in flowers, you can find me writing about love! My debut young adult novel publishes January 2018. I live in St. Joseph with my techie husband Josh and our very adorable son, Rory.

Mary Beth George

Event Coordinator

Hello there! I’m Mary (known to some as Beth) and I’m a funny, flan-loving event planner! I’ve been working with Stella Event Design since 2008 and I love the thrill of helping couples plan their perfect day! I love weddings because they represent all that we want to be a part of–love, unity, beauty and family. My mother’s pearl ring is my prized possession, and I adore sushi, raspberries, rain storms and confetti cake. I love the relationships I get to build with my couples, keeping them calmed, focused and excited about their big day. I have a degree in counseling from Great Lakes Christian College and a passion for working with people. When I’m not at a wedding you can find me relaxing in my hammock, reading, or spending time with my husband BJ and sons, Liam and Simon!


Shelly Chaffee

Lead floral designer

Hi, I’m Shelly! My favorite design element is (of course!) the bridal bouquet. These are the special flowers that spoke to the bride’s heart, and also the flowers photographed the most during the day. I love spending extra time making sure the bridal bouquet is picture perfect and exactly what the bride dreamed of! I joined Stella Event Design in 2014, but have worked in the floral industry in Southwest Michigan for over 20 years. I’ve had my hands on flowers for over 3,000 weddings, and I’m still in love with making beautiful arrangements! I love my family, my furbabies, and flowers. Whether it’s in my yard or in a bouquet, I love to grow them, touch them, and smell them! One of my fondest memories is making a snapdragon bloom talk to my very young daughter–she thought it was magic! She still loves snapdragon to this day, and even before I became a florist, I always knew I had the gift of making flower magic. When I’m not working you can find me motorcycling around the countryside with my husband, drinking wine (not while motorcycling, of course), or hanging out by my fish pond (with a glass of wine!)